Lashing Straps All-pack / 10-pack

20-25 mm x 0,5-3 m

Our straps are very user-friendly and durable. The large opening in the buckle makes it easy to wood the band, even with gloves on. The buckle is stronger and lighter against the corresponding zinc cast buckles on the market. The webbing itself is UV-resistant and has high strength and color resistance and meets the high demands of REACH, Rohs and Oeko-Tex. Our straps are 100% recyclable.

Lashing Straps All-pack / 10-pack

Art Width Length Color Weight
101 20 mm 0,5 m 300 kg 10 pc/pack
102 20 mm 1 m 300 kg 10 pc/pack
103 20 mm 2 m 300 kg 10 pc/pack
104 25 mm 3 m 400 kg 10 pc/pack

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