Pallet straps

Reusable pallet straps are the best option for companies that currently use disposable straps and want to reduce their costs. Our experience in quality-oriented manufacturing makes us the perfect choice if you are looking for effective pallet straps. We can customize to your specifications and needs. Contact us today to change to a durable pallet strap that improves your business, and makes sure your pallet cargo is secured prior to shipment. Be sure to see our instructional video below to learn how to use pallet straps. We have also added a slide show below that explain the entire procedure.

FASTY Pallband film

Our straps are very user-friendly and durable. The large opening in the buckle makes it easy to thread the band, even with gloves on. The buckle is stronger and lighter against the corresponding zinc cast buckles on the market. The band itself is UV resistant and has high strength and color resistance as well as meets the high demands of REACH, RoHS and Oeko-Tex. Our straps are 100% recyclable.

You can also get the pallet straps profiled with your logotype, text etc.

Contact us for a quote today and we will help you save both packaging costs and nature!

Pallet straps

Our pallet straps comes in following lengths as standard:
Art Width Length Color Weight
0250 20 mm 3 m 300 kg
0251 20 mm 5,5 m 300 kg
0252 20 mm 6 m 300 kg
0253 25 mm 6 m 400 kg
0254 20 mm 10 m 300 kg

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